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Assistant Principal

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Contact Info:


About Me

Educational History:

1980: Anacoco High School

1983: La Tech University

2002: Northwestern State University

2013: American College of Education

Degrees and Certifications:

HS Diploma

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Data Processing

Teaching Certification

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification

Masters Degree in Educational Leadership

National Institute for Educational Leadership Certification

Recertification of National Board of Professional Teaching Standards

Professional Development:

COMPASS Observation Certification

CLASS Observation Certification

Currently working on LETRS Certification

Current Position:

Current – July 2017:  Assistant Principal @ Anacoco Elementary School


Previous Position:

July 2017 – February 2014:  Assistant Principal @ Simpson High School

February 2014 – July 1999: 5th Grade Teacher @ Anacoco Elementary School

July  1999 – July 1991:  Stay at Home Mom

July 1991 – July 1986:  Jr. High Teacher @ Anacoco High School

Family Information:

I married a hometown boy and graduate of AHS, Terry Dowden, in the spring of 1984. We have three amazing children who also graduated from Anacoco High School and went on to earn a degree from Northwestern State University. We are very proud of our children’s successes and the many great lessons they (and we as parents) have learned along their journey thus far. Our two sons are married to incredible ladies and both couples have two children each with my oldest son adding a little girl to his family in August 2022. My daughter now has twin girls that were born January 2022. These little lives have brought such an indescribable joy to our family dynamic.  Life is but a vapor and is passing so quickly. I cherish the moments I have with my family. I can’t help but remember wise words once spoken to me. “Your time with your children when they are young is such a gift to them. It is what they will remember most.” Now, as I listen to my children’s memories, I hear each one as it is woven around and around time with me and their dad. Now that they are grown, these words have turned….”Our children’s time with us now is such a precious gift, and this is what I continue to cherish most.”  Parents, I hope you pour much time and love into your children as they are growing up, because there is so much more you get in return when they are grown. Life is but a vapor...spend it well. 


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