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Positive Behavior Support

A.E.S. has adopted a school-wide behavior program named “Positive Behavior Support.”  Our goal is to teach our students how to behave so that learning is maximized. Rules will be posted in each area of our school and teachers will take students to each area on the first day of school to teach and model rules.

Be ready to learn! Respect others! Act responsibly! Very positive! Encourage others!

AES Reinforcements/Rewards


Each teacher will have a system of rewards in their classroom in which they will reward students with no marks for the week. Examples: treasure box trip, homework pass, stickers or a note home. Each grade-level can determine what is appropriate for them.

End of Nine Weeks: 

Specials teachers will set up a nine weeks reward for those students who have an A each week  for the entire nine weeks.

Mid-Year Reward/End-of-Year Reward: 

Students are rewarded after Christmas with a reward for Positive behavior. The reward goes to all students who maintained a grade of A in conduct each week for the first semester/last semester.  An office referral/bus referral is an automatic exclusion from these rewards.