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AES Handbook






Angela Schraven, Principal

Pamela Dowden, Assistant Principal

Jennifer Carroll, Counselor

Phone:  337-239-3040

Fax:  337-239-6245


AES Website:

Vernon Parish School Board Website:

4726 Port Arthur Avenue

Anacoco, LA  71403


Dear Parents and Students,                                                             


Welcome to Anacoco Elementary School. We are looking forward to a rewarding school year filled with positive educational experiences! Thank you for continuing to support Anacoco Elementary School and for trusting AES as your partner in educating your child / children.  Excellence in education continues to be a priority for students, teachers, parents and our community. Because of this, we continue to achieve a high degree of success!

Please encourage your child to do his/her best each day this school year.  Educational research provides evidence that excellent attendance, punctuality, organization, on-task behavior, and teamwork are habits established in elementary school that follow students throughout their lifetime. Let’s work together to see these characteristics in each A.E.S. student.

A monthly planner will be sent home at the beginning of each month. The planner will list holidays, early dismissals, special school activities, report card and progress report dates, and other important information.  Please post this at home for your use throughout each month. The lunch menu will be on the back of the monthly planner. Students in all grades will receive a weekly work folder containing graded work and a weekly conduct grade.  Students in kindergarten will receive a daily folder. Please look for this folder to come home on the same day each week.

Students will no longer be receiving a homework planner but will receive a homework log each Monday compiled by your child’s teacher or team of teachers.   The homework log will give you homework and test dates each week.

Parents, if you would like to volunteer your time, we at A.E.S. would like to say “thank you.”  Your time spent as a volunteer is both needed and appreciated. There are many places where volunteers could be helpful to our students and teachers each and every day of the school year.  You will be receiving a Volunteer Form to complete and return to your child’s teacher. Remember, our school gets better and better with each hour clocked by a parent volunteer. If for any reason your child’s teacher is unable to utilize you in your child’s classroom, please contact the Title I coordinator.  We can easily find a place for you to volunteer in our school!

Your child is important to us at A.E.S.  We urge you to voice your compliments and your concerns to our teachers and administrators.  We are here for the children!





Angela Schraven, Principal





August 6, 2018 New Teacher Induction

August 7, 2018 Professional Development at School Site (Paraprofessionals work day)

August 8, 2018 Teacher Work Day at School (Paraprofessionals work day)

August 9, 2018 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL


September 3, 2018 LABOR DAY (Students & Staff Holiday)


October 4, 2018 Staff In-service School Level /Parent-Teacher Conference Student Holiday

October 5, 2018 FAIR DAY (Students & Staff Holiday)

October 8, 2018 Columbus Day (Student and Staff Holiday)


November 12, 2018 VETERAN’S DAY observed (Students & Staff Holiday)

November 19-23, 2018               Thanksgiving Break (Students & Staff Holidays)


December 24-Jan. 4, 2019 Christmas/Winter Break (Students & Staff Holidays)


January 7, 2019 Teacher Work day/ Staff Development at School Level Student Holiday

January 21, 2019 MARTIN L. KING DAY (Students & Staff Holiday)


February 15, 2019 Parent Teacher Conference/Staff Development District Level

February 18, 2019 PRESIDENT DAY (Students & Staff Holiday)

March 4-5, 2019 MARDI GRAS (Students & Staff Holidays)

April 15-22, 2019    EASTER/SPRING BREAK (Students & Staff Holidays)

April 23, 2019 Staff Work Day


April 1-May 3, 2019 State Testing 3-8 CBT)

April 15-May 17, 2019              State Testing (HS CBT)

April 29 – May 3, 2019              State Testing (PBT 3-4)


May 23, 2019 Last Day for Students

May 24, 2019 LAST DAY FOR TEACHERS (Full Day)



1st Semester ends Dec. 21, 2018 – 87 Student Days

2nd Semester ends May 23, 2019 – 86 Students Days


1st Six Weeks –Sept. 21, 2018 4th Six Weeks – Feb. 14, 2019

2nd Six Weeks - Nov. 2, 2018 5th Six Weeks –March 29, 2019

3rd Six Weeks – Dec. 21, 2018 6th Six Weeks – May 23, 2019

Mission Statement


"Enter to Learn - - Go and Succeed!"


BRAVE Statement


  “Be Ready to Learn,

                                             Respect Others,

                                             Act responsibly, be

                                             Very Positive, &

 Encourage Others!”


Anacoco Elementary School Belief Statements


  1. A love for learning is best developed in an atmosphere which encourages the exploration of new ideas and interests.


  1. The purpose of education is to direct and encourage the total development of each individual student mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally.


  1. The school is accountable for academic achievement in addition to developing the students’ potential for becoming productive members of the social and economic community by providing for them as many varied experiences as possible.


  1. The curriculum should be flexible enough to meet the needs of all children.


  1. Through cooperation and guidance the school, home, and community should strive to instill the moral values within each student that are necessary to develop a responsible citizen.


AES Purpose Statement: Each person affiliated with AES is a valued, needed member of the Anacoco community. Every Anacoco Indian is responsible for promoting positive learning opportunities in a BRAVE manner. This environment will enable all students to Be ready to learn, Respect others, Act responsibly, be Very positive, and Encourage others, and thus be empowered to assume responsible citizenship in our local, national, and global communities. We value achievement, respect and concern for others and encourage our students to become lifelong learners in a diverse and changing society.

Starting our Day!


Morning duty for faculty and staff begins at 7:25 a.m.; therefore, for your child's safety, do not bring your child to school before 7:25 a.m.  


First Bell is at 7:45 a.m.

Students are to be seated and ready to learn at 7:50

Please be certain that your child arrives to school by 7:45 a.m. to begin morning assignments.  Your child will be considered tardy after 7:50 a.m. and must be signed in by a parent in the office.  (See tardy consequences for students not signed in by parents)


Reminder:  Student Pick-up and Drop-off Zones are hands-free –No Cell Phones


There is only one drop-off area for AES students:

Parents dropping off students must drop off by going around the back of the school through the one-way lane. Students will then be helped out of their vehicles by A.E.S. personnel in front of the school.  


Please allow your child to walk to class unassisted per teacher request. Students eating breakfast should go directly to the cafeteria; all others should go directly to their homeroom class.


  • Students with 3 unexcused tardies or 3 unexcused early-outs, or a combination of the two in one semester will have an after school detention or Saturday School.

  • Students leaving school early (before 3:05 p.m.; no check-outs between 2:00 and 3:05 p.m.) are usually going to a doctor’s appointment, dentist appointment, or going home ill as verified by the school nurse.  These reasons are excused. If your child leaves school early because the nurse called home, the nurse will provide the teacher with a written excuse. If your child is attending a doctor’s appointment, dental appointment, etc., please send verification from the medical office to your child’s teacher on the next school day.  

  • Students who are tardy and not signed in by a parent/guardian will automatically have an unexcused tardy regardless of reason for tardiness.

Leaving School



Transportation changes (bus or parent pick-up) will not be taken by phone.  Students must bring a written notice from home regarding any changes in transportation.  The school secretary and bookkeeper cannot approve transportation changes by phone.


Students should not be picked up from school between 2:00 p.m. and 3:05 p.m.  Students leaving early must be picked up before 2:00 p.m.  True emergencies will be documented in the office by one of the secretaries.


Students must be signed out through the office by a parent or guardian; teachers may not release students without being called from the office.


Students not riding the bus will be dismissed to the gym (parent pick-up area) at 2:55 p.m; students will not be permitted to walk to bus area if not riding the bus. Kindergarten and First Grade Students will be escorted to the pick-up area located in the gym or the pavilion area.


Please limit the early pick up of your child to emergency situations/dental-doctor appointments. Unless a child leaves ill as determined by the school nurse, a doctor/dental/other acceptable excuse must be submitted on the child’s next school day. It is important that your child stay at school until dismissal 3:05 p.m.



When withdrawing from our school or entering our school a 24-hour notice is needed before departing paperwork can be completed or before a new student can enter class.  A drop/enter sheet will be given to the teacher once the office is notified. A student's records must be cleared before a transcript of grades and test records can be sent to the new school. This release includes clearing through the librarian, counselor, and lunchroom personnel. Lost textbooks, library books, and meals must be paid for in the office before records are cleared.


When registering to attend A.E.S., the following items must be submitted:

  • Birth certificate

  • Social security card

  • Shot/health records

  • Prior school records

  • Proof of residence in Anacoco in grade-levels considered full


Parish Policy


  • On the 8th day of absence the student must attend a Saturday school to bring the total days down to 7.  If the Saturday school is not attended a non-attendance “F” will be recorded on the student’s progress report and report card.

  • The only days not counted in the “7 days” are days excused due to extenuating circumstances.  Extenuating circumstances include: extended personal or emotional illness as verified by a physician, an extended hospital stay as verified by a physician, extended recuperation from an accident as verified by a physician, prior school system approved travel for education, extended contagious disease within a family as verified by a physician, death in family, or a natural catastrophe and/or disaster.  For any other extenuating circumstance parents must make a formal appeal in accordance with the due process established by the Vernon Parish School Board.

  • For your information and for the protection of your child, a letter is automatically printed and sent home once your child misses 3, 5, and 8 days of school.  

  • The Vernon Parish School Board has an automated call system which notifies parents when your child is absent, disciplined through the office, or receives a   failing grade. This is designed to keep parents informed and children safe.

  • Students not meeting attendance mandates are required to attend summer school in order to be promoted.

-Summer Attendance Recovery:  Parents will be charged a rate of $15.00 per day, a maximum of $150.00 for their child to attend Summer attendance recovery

Absentee Procedure

When a student is absent from school, it is the responsibility of the student and parent to provide a signed written excuse upon the day of return to school stating the reason for being absent.    


Students with an excused absence may make up graded work during recess.  Other missed assignments must be completed at home.  Special classes (P.E., Music, and Computer) must be attended.  The excuse for being absent must be brought to school within the first 5 days after returning to school.   Students with an unexcused absence are not allowed to make up graded work and will receive a grade of failing on all missed graded material (parish policy).   Excuses from parents or doctors will not be accepted after the 5th day.  Doctor’s excuses will only be accepted if the child was seen as a patient by the doctor.  Once a child has missed 8 days (unexcused or temporary excused), he/she must make up the next absence on a scheduled Saturday School.


Students habitually tardy (excused or unexcused) or students who habitually leave school early (excused or unexcused) will not be eligible to earn attendance incentives or some end-of-year awards.  Habitually tardy is defined as any combination of 3 early outs and late arrivals in one semester. An accumulation of 3 will result in after-school detention or Saturday School.


10 Facts about School Attendance

  1. Absenteeism in the first month of school can predict poor attendance throughout the school year. Half the students who miss 2-4 days in September go on to miss nearly a month of school.

  2. An estimated 5 million to 7.5 million U.S. students miss nearly a month of school each year.

  3. Absenteeism and its ill effects start early. One in 10 kindergarten and first grade students are chronically absent. Poor attendance can influence whether children read proficiently by the end of third grade or be held back.

  4. By 6th grade, chronic absence becomes a leading indicator that a student will drop out of high school.

  5. Research shows that missing 10 percent of the school, or about 18 days in most school districts, negatively affects a student’s academic performance. That’s just two days a month and that’s known as chronic absence.

  6. The academic impact of missing that much school is the same whether the absences are excused or unexcused. Suspensions also add to lost time in the classroom.

  7.  Low-income students are four times more likely to be chronically absent than others often for reasons beyond their control, such as unstable housing, unreliable transportation and a lack of access to health care. 

  8. When students improve their attendance rates, they improve their academic prospects and chances for graduating.

  9. Attendance improves when schools engage students and parents in positive ways and when schools provide mentors for chronically absent students.

  10. Most school districts and states don’t look at all the right data to improve school attendance. They track how many students show up every day and how many are skipping school without an excuse, but not how many are missing so many days in excused and unexcused absence that they are headed off track academically.

Attendance Incentives



     Prizes will be randomly awarded each six-weeks to students with perfect




     Perfect attendance (present every day, all day) awards will be given at the awards      ceremony; special recognition will be given to students with more than 1 consecutive year.

      Excellent Attendance – Students missing any part of 3 days or less.



Staggered entrance for Kindergarten Students:

Thursday,  August 9 (1/3 students), Friday,  August 10 (1/3 students), Monday, August 13 (1/3 students) Tuesday,  August 14 (All students).



Staggered entrance will begin on August 9 (1/3 students), August 10(1/3 students), August 13 (1/3 students), August 14 (1/2 students), August 15 (1/2 students) and August 16 (all students).


Reaching Parents

It is mandatory that we know where to reach parents at all times. Please send any new cell phone/home/work/emergency numbers to your child's teacher who will turn this information over to the office for computer information.


Parental Involvement Policy

Because we hold ourselves, the faculty and staff, accountable for the positive growth of each child, it is imperative that we attempt to involve parents in the educational process.  It is our desire for parents to become a part of our faculty rather than guests on our campus.


Anacoco Elementary School receives some federal funds based on the large number of students receiving free or reduced lunch.  This funding is part of Title 1, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). A percentage of these federal funds are dedicated to the promotion of parental involvement and communication.



A.E.S. appreciates and welcomes all volunteers. There are many ways that you may

assist our teachers in their classrooms.  For your child's safety, all visitors and volunteers

must sign-in through the office and wear an ID sticker while on campus.  Please see an

administrator or your child's teacher if you would like to volunteer in our school.  We can use volunteers in classrooms, in our library, in our cafeteria, on the playground, etc.  Please see your child’s teacher, the Title I coordinator or an administrator if you are willing to volunteer!  We want you in our school!!!



Anacoco Elementary students have the opportunity to be a part of the following clubs, organizations, or activities.  For more information or to volunteer, please contact us.

  • 4-H (grades 4,5,6)

  • Student Council (grades 4,5,6)

  • Basketball (grades 5 and 6)

  • Social Studies Fair (grades 4,5,6)

  • Student of the Year (grade 5)

  • Special Olympics

  • D.A.R.E.


Grading Procedure


The faculty of A.E.S. realizes the importance of grades to the child and his/her parents.

Therefore, careful and fair consideration is provided to each grade given.  The teacher will be available upon appointment to explain and discuss the progress of any student.  Students maintaining all A's per six-weeks will have earned the A Honor Roll.  Students maintaining all A's or B's per six-weeks will have earned the B Honor Roll.  Students will receive a minimum of 6 grades per subject per 6-weeks for each subject listed on the report card.


Grading Scale (Grades 1-6)




3.6 to 4.0



Above Average

2.6 to 3.5




1.6 to 2.5



Below Average

1.0 to 1.5




0 to .9


Awards Ceremony

At the end of the school year, students in grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 will be honored during the

AES Awards Ceremony.  Students maintaining the A Honor Roll for each 6-

weeks will receive the A Honor Roll Award.  Students maintaining the B Honor Roll each 6-weeks will receive the B Honor Roll Award.   Some other awards include Students of the Year, Perfect Attendance, Excellent Attendance and Subject Awards in each grade level.


Kindergarten Grading Scale

S   Satisfactory

P   Progressing

N  Needs Improvement


Pupil Progression

Anacoco Elementary students must meet the requirements set forth by the Vernon Parish School Board in order to be promoted to the next grade level.  Please compare your

child's report card each six-weeks to the following progression plan. You may request a conference with your child's teacher, our counselor, assistant principal, or principal if

you have any questions or concerns regarding the pupil progression or your child's progress.


In order to be promoted to the first grade, students must demonstrate proficiency in Kindergarten skills as defined in state content standards, by meeting the following minimum requirements.


        1. Must demonstrate mastery by successfully mastering 70% of the

              Mathematics and Reading skills listed on the Kindergarten report card.


        2. Students who fail to meet one of these requirements should be

              referred to the School Building Level Committee.


        3. Those students who have not attended kindergarten may enter the first

              grade, if they meet the requirements listed in parts 1 and 2.


First Grade

To be promoted, students must demonstrate proficiency in first grade skills, as defined by state content standards, by meeting the following minimum requirements:


  1. Must make a passing grade average in Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics.


  1. To receive a passing grade, students must earn a minimum of six quality points

      per year, with at least three quality points earned in the second semester.


3.   Students who fail to meet one of these requirements should be referred to

the School Building Level Committee.


Second Grade

To be promoted, students must demonstrate proficiency in second grade skills, as defined by state content standards, by meeting the following minimum requirements:


  1. Must make a passing grade average in Reading /Language Arts and Mathematics.

  2. To receive a passing grade, students must earn a minimum of six quality points per year, with at least three quality points earned in the second semester.

3.  Students who fail to meet one of these requirements should be referred to the School Building Level Committee.


Third Grade

To be promoted, students must demonstrate proficiency in third grade skills, as defined

by state content standards, by meeting the following minimum requirements.


1.   Must make a passing grade average in Reading / Language Arts and Mathematics.

2.   To receive a passing grade, students must earn a minimum of six quality points per year, with at least three quality points earned in the second semester.

3.   Students who fail to meet one of these requirements should be referred to the School Building Level Committee.


Fourth Grade


  1. At the conclusion of the 2018-19 school year, due to a delay in test scores resulting from the administration of new assessments, placement decisions for fourth and eighth grade students shall be made according to local pupil progression plans, which shall outline the evidence of student learning used to make promotion decisions. Such evidence shall include, but not be limited to, performance on classroom assignments or benchmark assessments (Bulletin 1566 §701)


  1. LEAs may promote any first-time fourth grade student who did not receive sufficient instruction needed to achieve the passing standard on the transitional state assessment, but who has demonstrated readiness for fifth grade content through evidence of student learning, to the fifth grade. Each LEA shall include guidance in its local pupil progression plan outlining the evidence of student learning used to make such promotion decisions, including but not limited to performance on classroom assignments or benchmark assessments.


Fifth Grade

To be promoted, students must demonstrate proficiency in fifth grade skills, as defined by State content standards, by meeting the following minimum requirements:


1.  Must make a passing grade average in Language Arts, Mathematics, and at

     least one other major subject (Science or Social Studies).


       2.  To receive a passing grade, students must earn a minimum of 6

                quality points per year, with at least three quality points earned in

                the second semester.


       3.   Students who fail to meet one of these requirements should be

                 referred to the School Building Level Committee.


Sixth Grade


To be promoted, students must demonstrate proficiency in sixth grade skills, as defined by state content standards, by meeting the following minimum requirements:


        1. Must make a passing grade average in Language Arts,

             Mathematics, and at least one other major subject (Science or Social



        2. To receive a passing grade, students must earn a minimum of 6

              quality points per year, with at least three quality points earned in

   the second semester.


        3. Students who fail to meet one of these requirements should be

              referred to the School Building Level Committee.



Louisiana students are assessed annually in grades 3 through 8 and high school grades. Students in grades 3 through 8 take assessments in English Language Arts/literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies.


Anacoco Elementary will continue to have high expectations and to hold students accountable for their education.  To prepare your child for these tests, consistently help with homework, review work sent home in work folders, help your child at home in preparation for weekly exams, demand good school attendance, and ensure your child consistently gets enough sleep throughout the year.  Parents are the most important influence in a child’s education; be positive with your child and set high expectations.



At A.E.S. communication between school and home is a priority.  Any classroom concerns should be addressed with the teacher as soon as possible by email or phone call.   Work folders will be sent home on a regular basis. It is your child's responsibility to bring the folder home and to return it to school signed by a parent/guardian on the next school day. Your child's teacher will notify you as to the specific day that you should consistently expect the work folder to come home.  Progress reports will be sent home after each 3-week session for grades 1-6. Please take this opportunity to review your child's progress and to do your part as a parent in helping your child study, review skills, and to develop study habits. At any time the teacher or parent may request a conference. Together, our students will achieve more!



Box-Tops For Education  

Anacoco Elementary will continue to participate in the Box-Tops for Education fund- raiser.  Please clip the Box-Top label off any General Mills product and send to school with your child to his/her teacher.  Our school receives 10 cents per box-top. These box tops are on many commonly purchased items such as cereal, muffin mixes, hamburger helper, etc. Thank you for your participation. A complete list of Box-Tops items can be found at


(Set account with association to our school. Scan your receipts. $ to our school.)



The school provides textbooks or other resources in some subjects. You must, however, pay for lost or damaged books (including lost or damaged library books). You will not be issued a second copy until you have paid for the one you have lost or damaged. If you lose a textbook, ask your teacher to allow you to go the lost and found. If the book is not there, you may pay for the lost book and be issued another one at that time. If you find the book later, you will receive a refund by presenting the book and receipt of payment to the secretary.


Field Trips

When a field trip is taken, your child will bring home a permission form giving the destination and date of the trip. This form must be signed and returned to the teacher before your child will be allowed to go on the trip. Any student owing money for library books, textbooks, or breakfast/lunches will not be allowed to attend the field trip unless the account is paid in full before the field trip date.


Lost and Found

All articles will be turned in to the lost and found located in the gymnasium.  Items left over one month will be taken to Helping Hands or Goodwill. In order to identify what child belongs to an item of clothing, please put child’s name inside coats, sweater, etc. with a permanent marker.


Electronic Telecommunication Devices

Cell Phones

No student, unless authorized by the school principal or his/her designee, shall use or operate any electronic telecommunication device, including any facsimile system, radio paging service, mobile telephone service, intercom, E-Reader, kindle, Ipad, lap top, cell phone or electro-mechanical paging system in the school building, or on the grounds, or in any school bus used to transport students, unless there is an actual, imminent threat to public health or safety which may result in loss of life, injury, or property damage. Use of these is a violation of school board policy and would result in one of the following consequences:  (For purposes of school policy, the terms use and operation shall mean whenever the device is turned on). Devices may not be in view or turned on.



  • 1st offense Device is taken and the parent is allowed to pick up


  • 2nd offense Device is taken and the parent is allowed to pick up and

                             detention or similar punishment is assigned

  • 3rd offense Device is taken, parents may pick up and

                             1 day suspension is assigned


Any subsequent offense will be treated the same as the 3rd offense.



We welcome all visitors to our assemblies, which will be held throughout the year. We ask that all visitors attempt to stay for the entire assembly to limit movement in the gymnasium.  If you must leave before the assembly/program is over, please exit through the main doors so as to not interrupt the program.


Positive Behavior Support

A.E.S. has adopted a school-wide behavior program named “Positive Behavior Support.”  Our goal is to teach our students how to behave so that learning is maximized. Rules will be posted in each area of our school and teachers will take students to each area on the first day of school to teach and model rules.


Be ready to learn! Respect others! Act responsibly! Very positive! Encourage others!


AES Reinforcements/Rewards


Each teacher will have a system of rewards in their classroom in which they will reward students with no marks for the week. Examples: treasure box trip, homework pass, stickers or a note home. Each grade-level can determine what is appropriate for them.

End of Six Weeks:

Specials teachers will set up a six weeks reward for those students who have an A each week  for the entire six weeks. At the end of the six weeks, students will be able to spend their earned ‘bucks’ at the Tomahawk Store.

Mid-Year Reward/End-of-Year Reward

Students are rewarded after Christmas with a reward for Positive behavior. The reward goes to all students who maintained a grade of A in conduct each week for the first semester/last semester.  An office referral/bus referral is an automatic exclusion from these rewards.

Minor Infractions


The following are considered minor infractions and students will receive a conduct mark for the following:  gum, candy, running, uniform violation, off task behavior, unprepared for class, hands-feet-objects on others, note passing, inappropriate comments or words, disrespect, playing in bathroom, rudeness, etc.


Major Infractions


The following are considered major infractions and students will be automatically referred to the office for the following:  fighting, defiance, extreme inappropriate language, harassment, teasing, bullying, major disruption, forgery/alteration of school document, stealing, property damage, lying, cheating, extreme disrespect, threats, extreme rudeness, etc.

PBIS grade level team


If the 5th  conduct mark is reached in one week in grades 2-6, the following plan will be followed:  


  • First offense—2 days after school detention

  • Second offense—2 days after school detention and a Parent/Teacher conference

  • Third offense—1 day out of school suspension

  • Four or more— 2 or more days of out of school suspension


Students in grades K and 1 will be referred to the office after conduct has reached the final stage of the grade level discipline plan and a parent teacher conference has been held.  Each teacher will send home in writing the approved discipline plan to be used in


his/her classroom. Parents will be notified by the teacher prior to an office referral unless the infraction is major.


Please monitor your child’s behavior by reviewing his conduct grade given each week (grades 2-6) or each day (grade K-1).  


When students are referred to the office a punishment from the office will be given.  Possible punishments include:

  • Required Parent/Administrator Conference

  • After School Detention

  • Corporal Punishment (If you do not want your child to receive corporal punishment you must notify the teacher and administrator each year in writing.)

  • Punishment

  • Out of School Suspension

  • Privileges Taken Away (Field Trips, Blue Jean Days, Recess, Assemblies, etc.)


Suspended students may not be on campus or at any school event during the duration of a suspension which ends at the beginning (7:45 a.m.) of the first returned school day.


If a student is referred to the office AND receives a punishment from the office an F in conduct is recorded for the week.  This includes Bus Behavior Referrals


Suspension From School

It is at the administrators’ discretion as to the number of days a student is suspended from school.  The child’s grade-level, severity of infraction, number of office referrals, etc. will be considered. On the fourth suspension, it will be recommended to the Child Welfare and Attendance Officer for the student to be expelled from school for one school year.


Because of recent incidents of violence in schools, all threats will be taken seriously.  To maintain a safe school, threats will be treated severely. Please discuss with your child the importance of not making threats of ANY kind. (Sample threats: “I’m going to kill you.” “I’m going to whip you at recess.” “You better be on the look-out for me.”  “I’m going to blow you up.” “I’m going to knock your head off.”)



A.E.S. has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying.  If your child is being made fun of, ridiculed, being made to feel afraid, being made to feel unwanted or disliked, please contact your child’s teacher.  If the behavior continues, contact the teacher or administrator until the problem is resolved.


Hair and Grooming Policy for School & School Related Activities

  1. Boys may not wear earrings.

  2. Girls may only wear one earring in each ear lobe (the one earring must be in the ear lobe and in no other part of the ear).  No other body piercings/rings are permitted.

  3. Extreme hair styles are not permitted (including Mohawks).  Extreme is determined by administrator.

  4. Temporary colors are not permitted in hair..

  5. Hair may not hang in front of eyes.  If student cannot keep hair out of eyes, a hair cut is mandated.

  6. Writing on any part of body is not permitted.

  7. Dress code, including tucked shirt and belt, is strictly enforced.

  8. Violators will be sent home (unexcused absence) until the situation is taken care of appropriately.

General Student Guidelines

(The following are basic guidelines and certainly do not contain all school rules and guidelines.)

  1. Behave as ladies and gentlemen.

  2. Do not leave campus after arrival.

  3. Stay with assigned teacher unless given permission by the assigned teacher even if another adult gave or gives you permission to leave.

  4. Medications must be brought to school by parent.  A medication form (supplied by school) must be signed by physician for medication to be given at school.

  5. Possession of or use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs is not allowed.

  6. Gum chewing not allowed.  

  7. Any weapon or item perceived as weapon is not permitted to include toy guns.

  8. Toys are not to be brought to school.

  9. I-pods, video games and devices, etc. are not permitted at school.

  10. Hazing is not permitted

  11. Do not throw rocks, pencils, paper, dirt, etc.

  12. Verbal, physical, or written vulgarity is not allowed.

  13. Do not bring valuables to school.

  14. Do not litter.

  15. Do not run on campus except at recess.

  16. Do not write on building or walls.

  17. Disrespect to adults or other students is not permitted.

  18. Sleeping is not allowed; students must be engaged in learning at all times.

  19. Hall passes are required outside of classrooms.

  20. Students must stay in homerooms or outside of homeroom door before school in the morning unless eating breakfast.  After breakfast, move directly to homeroom class.

  21. Students may not visit in other homeroom classes or in other grades before school begins.

  22. Slang words such as gay, suck, butt, idiot, stupid, wuzzup, etc. are not tolerated.

  23. Unkindness is not tolerated.

  24. Library passes are required in library.

  25. Tennis shoes must be worn on P.E. days; excuses to not participate in P.E. will be documented and closely monitored for over-use.


Homework is required at A.E.S.  Each grade level will establish their own administration approved policy at the beginning of the school year.




School Bus Conduct/Regulations


The board directs that the bus driver, together with the principal, shall assume full responsibility for the discipline of students riding buses.  It is the duty of the driver, in the case of any infraction of policies by any student, to notify the principal. It is the responsibility of the principal or assistant principal to determine necessary punishment to students violating regulations.  Students will be taught proper bus riding procedures by their classroom teacher and parents will be required to sign a form after reading the bus regulations, which will be sent home. The following procedures will be followed when students are brought to the office by a bus driver for misbehavior:


Grades K-2

1st offense-contact parents (warning)

2nd offense-recess detention/corporal punishment

3rd offense-1 day bus suspension

4th offense-3 days bus suspension

5th offense-bus expulsion for one calendar year


Grades 3-6

1st offense-1 day bus suspension

2nd offense-3 days bus suspension

3rd offense-5 days bus suspension

4th offense- bus expulsion for one calendar year


During a bus suspension or expulsion students may not ride another bus.


Once a student is on his/her bus, the student may not leave that bus without the driver’s permission. Students may not change their transportation unless a written note with a parent signature is brought to school. If the student does not have a written note from home, he/she may not ride another bus, go home with a friend, or in any way change the regular mode of transportation.  Students will not be permitted to call home during the school day to verify transportation.


Cafeteria Policies

Cafeteria Manager:        Mrs. Hilton 238-2945

Lunch Prices:       Full Pay: $2.00 Reduced: $0.40

Breakfast Prices: Full Pay: $0.75 Reduced: $0.30

Extra Milk or Juice: $0.50                    Visitors/Parents: $3.10

Parents may set up an online account at to make payments more convenient.

Please pay for meals in advance.  It is easier to pay meals by the week or month rather than by the day.  In order to comply with parish policy our school must call parents of students owing lunch money.  Students may not charge meals on accounts. Breakfast and lunch meals must be paid in advance. Balances from prior school year must be paid in full before a child may begin eating in the cafeteria during the new school year.

1.  All new students to our parish and our school will pay regular price for both meals

     until the application for free and reduced meals has been approved by the school

     lunch program office at the V.P.S.B. This takes time at the beginning of the year, so

     it is important that you complete the application immediately. New students to

     Vernon Parish may not charge meals while waiting for their application for

     free/reduced meals to be approved. Students who were in Vernon Parish during

     last school year and received either free or reduced meals may eat on that

     status for one month after the first day of school.  After this date, meals will be full-

     priced until the application has been approved; avoid this by turning in

     free/reduced applications immediately after school begins.

2.  Students who were in the parish last year will be allowed to continue on last year's

     status for one month. At that time, if you have not completed a new application and

     been approved for free or reduced prices, the regular prices will become effective.

3.  Your child will be assigned a code number to be used in the cafeteria. This number

     will be his/her number as long as they are enrolled in A.E.S. You will need to keep

     this number for your use as you pay for your child's meals. Each child will have an

     account on the computer based on his/her name and code number. Each time your

     child eats a deduction will be made on his/her account.

4.   Please pay in advance by the week or month. Include breakfast money if your child

     eats breakfast at school.

5.   Send meal money in a sealed envelope. On the outside of the envelope write

     your child's name, teacher’s name, amount in envelope, and lunch code

     number. The teacher will not keep records of this in the classroom; all money

     is sent to the cafeteria. Money must be in an envelope. Deductions from accounts

     will be made at each mealtime.

6.  You may request a statement on your child's account. Please send a note to the

     teacher.  A meal balance form will be sent home each week with each student.

7.  Each child wishing to eat breakfast must go directly to the cafeteria after unloading

    the bus or released from parents. Students may not go to homerooms first.

8.  A child may bring his/her lunch to school. Glass containers are not allowed. Meals may not be heated at school. Students may not use, nor may they have access to microwave ovens. Students bringing their lunch may purchase milk.

9.  Parents may join their child at lunch on occasion.  Parents may bring a sack lunch for
    their child when eating lunch with their child.

10. Meals from fast-food chains may not be brought to the school for students.

11. Carbonated beverages may not be brought in the cafeteria.


Student Dress Code

A dress code violation will result in a conduct mark.

In extreme cases, parents will be called to bring proper attire. Students that come to school out of uniform will be sent to the office until proper clothing is brought from home.

Anacoco Elementary Uniform Policy

*All shirts must be long enough to be tucked-  Headstart-6th. Grade.

*Students in grades 3-6 must wear a belt.

  1. The school uniform policy will be part of the school dress code and will require the following colors and styles:

    1. Khaki bottoms-pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers, skorts, culottes, capris, etc. (no jeans or sweatpants)

    2. Purple (Anacoco purple only), navy, or white shirts. Shirts must have a collar. Turtlenecks and undershirts that are school colors may be worn. Sweaters or jackets may NOT be worn tied around the waist.

    3. If bottoms have belt loops, a black or brown belt must be worn. Pants must be straight legged.  Pants may not be excessively tight or loose. Pants must have a hem; no fringes allowed. Shorts may not be more than three inches above the knee and may not be worn with leggings.

    4. Socks, tights, and leggings will be solid in color: purple, navy, khaki, white, or   black(without emblem of any kind).

    5. No designer labels are to be worn on the clothes.

    6. T-shirts will not be worn except the school spirit shirt. These may be worn on Friday and on other special days designated by the principal.  Khaki bottoms will be worn with the spirit shirt. A spirit shirt is only a spirit shirt bought through A.E.S. or another approved A.E.S. shirt.  Camp shirts will not be considered Spirit Shirts.

    7. Shoe styles are optional.   Backless sandals/shoes are not permitted. Sandals/shoes that have a heel higher than one inch are not permitted.

    8. Cleats, caps, hats, or sunglasses are not permitted.

    9. Sweater worn over uniforms shirts indoors must be of uniform color. Hoodies must be spirit hoodies or solid uniform colors.

    10. Basketball mesh shorts, sweat suits or jogging suits will be allowed on NUT Pass day.

2.  Any special occasions for different attire approved by the principal will be allowed.

3.  Students new to Anacoco Elementary will be allowed two weeks to purchase uniforms and comply with the policy.  After this period, the student will not be allowed to go to class. Parents will be called to pick up the student or to bring the proper uniform.  

4.  Special needs will always be considered.


BLUE JEAN DAYS (will be listed on school calendar and/or teacher note)

On blue-jean days, only uniform bottoms or blue jeans, blue jean shorts, or blue jean skirts may be worn.



Students earning an Accelerated Reader N.U.T. (No Uniform Today) pass will be allowed to wear Vernon Parish School dress code approved clothing. (Reminder: Leggings cannot be worn as pants.) N.U.T. pass days will be indicated on the monthly planner and take place after each six weeks.


Head Lice Procedures

All school staff members share the responsibility for early detection of head lice.

Teachers, administrators, and other school employees should be alert to any unusual or

repeated scratching by students and should advise the school principal of their findings.

Particular warning signals to be alert for include: scratching and redness around the nape  of the neck or behind the ears, and small white specks (nits) on the hair shaft resembling dandruff, but not easily removed. The designated trained school personnel will treat these findings as an urgent priority and will examine those students suspected of being  infested. If a student is identified as a positive infestation, the designated trained school personnel will initiate the following procedure:


               1. Determine on each student identified the name of each sibling and

                   their location in the school system.

               2. Locate and examine each sibling.

               3. Contact the parents by phone, whenever possible, regarding each

                   positive case and/or send a letter outlining the procedure to follow to

                   obtain treatment for all students identified as positive. This letter will

                   also contain instructions on obtaining clearance to return to school.

               4. Examine all classes which have had a student identified as positive.

               5. Care will be taken at all times to reserve the privacy of the students

                   identified as positive.

               6. Make a list of all students identified as positive and give to the school

                   secretary so she may check for clearance slips.


Parents will be advised to obtain shampoo from their family physician who can write a prescription for shampoo, or from their pharmacist who can recommend any one of

several OTC shampoos available, or may obtain assistance from Bayne Jones Hospital

(for military dependents). School nurses may discuss with the parents the proper method

of shampoo and guideline for disinfecting the home. (239-3401). At no time will school

nurses or school personnel be responsible for in-school treatment.  Students who have

been sent home because of head lice must be checked in by trained school personnel and cleared for readmission to school.


Each student who is identified as positive must be cleared to return to school after adequate treatment and removal of all lice and egg sacs (nits) from hair.  Students with nits in their hair will be refused readmission to school. If a student who has been identified as positive is absent for more than 3 days, the teacher is to notify the principal so that follow-up contact can be made.  The first 3 days of absence due to head lice will be counted as excused absences.  After 3 days the student will be counted as unexcused.



Harassment Policy

The Vernon Parish School System, in an effort to provide a safe school environment for students, has established a sexual harassment policy. By definition, sexual harassment consists of unwanted or unwelcome sexual advances and other inappropriate verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Whenever someone feels they are being harassed,

they should immediately notify the teacher, principal, or Central Office Administrator

who will initiate an investigation into the alleged charges.  If the charges are substantiated, sanctions will be imposed in accordance with written policy.  Sexual harassment will not be tolerated at any level and will be dealt with in an expedient manner.



                              Video Surveillance Policy

Please review the following Parish policy:

The V.P.S.B. authorizes the use of video cameras on district property to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of all staff, students, and visitors to district property, and to safeguard district facilities and equipment. Video cameras may be used in locations as deemed appropriate by the superintendent. The district shall notify staff and students through student/parent and staff handbooks that video surveillance may occur on district property. Students or staff in violation of board policies, administrative regulations, building rules, or law shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.  Others may be referred to law-enforcement agencies. Video recordings may become a part of a student's educational record or a staff member's personnel record. The district shall comply with

all applicable state and federal laws related to record maintenance and retention.



A.E.S. secretaries are not permitted to accept transportation changes by phone.


Teachers have pleaded to not have this interruption.


Thank you for cooperating with your child’s teacher.



Anacoco Elementary Handbook


To acknowledge receipt of this handbook, please sign, date, and return this page to your child’s teacher.  This handbook contains information regarding the following:

  • Discipline

  • Homework

  • Pupil Progression

  • Attendance

  • High Stakes Testing in grade 4

  • Standardized Testing in grades 3, 5, and 6

  • School Meals

  • Medication

  • Grades and Report Cards

  • Cell Phones and other Communication Devices

  • Hair, Grooming, and Earrings

  • Dress Code

  • Discipline information, the A.E.S. Homework Policy,  the Pupil Progression Plan, the A.E.S. Attendance Policy,  Cafeteria Policies, High Stakes Testing information and other school related information, please sign, date, and return this page to your child's teacher.

  • Transportation / Bus Rules and Regulations

  • Harassment

  • Personally Identifiable Information

  • Video Surveillance


Thank you for your continued support of Anacoco Elementary where we:


"Enter To Learn - - Go And Succeed!"


We have read the information in this handbook and agree to comply with attendance and classroom/school regulations and requirements as stated.  We also agree to attend all required parent/teacher/principal conferences.


Name of Student: _______________________________________________


Homeroom Teacher: ____________________________________________


Parent (Printed)________________________


Parent Signature _________________________   Date___________