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Dress Code

Student Dress Code

Anacoco Elementary School will have a dress code change to a uniform-optional status. This means that students can wear clothing that conforms to the Vernon Parish Dress code or uniforms, if they wish. All campuses that are uniform-optional must follow the Vernon Parish Dress Code or wear uniforms.

A dress code violation will result in a conduct mark.

In extreme cases, parents will be called to bring proper attire. Students not following dress code will be sent to the office until proper clothing is brought from home.


Anacoco Elementary/VPSB Policy

Articles of clothing

  • Shirts/Blouses and t-shirts and jerseys will be sized appropriately, buttoned and tucked in at the waist.

  • Sweaters and sweatshirts should be no longer than hip length

  • Sleeveless blouses or shirts which reveal undergarments, tank tops, spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, cut off shirts, bare midriffs, halter shirts, crop tops, tube tops, and mesh shirts shall not be worn.

  • Pants and trousers must be appropriately sized, must be of a regular ankle length and have a hem or cuff.

  • No holes or frays allowed on jeans.

  • Pants, trousers and shorts shall be worn at the waist (not in a “sagging” manner). Pants with loops shall require belts.  No excessively tight or loose pants/trousers shall be permitted.

  • Shorts may be worn.  Short lengths will not be worn more than three (3) inches above the knee while standing, and they must be worn on the waist.

  • Skirts, skorts, jumpers and dresses are permitted.  Boxers, short shorts, mini-skirts, sarongs, sundresses, backless, strapless and/or cut-out/see-through dresses are not permitted.  All clothing must be hemmed.  Length will be no shorter than three(3) inches above the knees.

  • Warm-ups, jogging and/or sweatsuits are permissible only in physical education classes as long as they are sized appropriately and are not sheer and/or see-through. 

  • Leggings are permitted as long as the top is not revealing and hangs past the fingertips when the student is standing with hands at their side

  • Basketball shorts will be permitted.

  • Clothing that advertises any alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or drugs, or those with obscene or offensive printing on them will not be permitted

  • No student will be permitted to bring or wear caps, hats, skull caps, and/or bandannas on school property, including school buses, during the regular school day, unless otherwise notified by the administration.  This extends to any school related field trips taken by students during the school year. 

  • Appropriate footwear, with back and/or straps must be worn and secured around the heel at all times during the school day.  Sandals/shoes that have a heel higher than one inch are not permitted.

  • If masks/face-coverings are worn, they must be either clear face shields, school spirit masks, or masks that are school appropriate and not a distraction, (ie no words, slogans, advertisements or images).

  • One pair of earrings may be worn in the ears only.   No gauges, or plugs

  • Sunglasses, other than prescription, are not permitted.

  • Any special occasions for different attire approved by the principal will be allowed.