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indiansMission Statement

"Enter to Learn - - Go and Succeed!"

BRAVE Statement

                                           “Be Ready to Learn,

                                             Respect Others,

                                             Act responsibly, be

                                             Very Positive, &

                                             Encourage Others!”

Anacoco Elementary School Belief Statements

  1. A love for learning is best developed in an atmosphere which encourages the exploration of new ideas and interests.

  2. The purpose of education is to direct and encourage the total development of each individual student mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally.

  3. The school is accountable for academic achievement in addition to developing the students’ potential for becoming productive members of the social and economic community by providing for them as many varied experiences as possible.

  4. The curriculum should be flexible enough to meet the needs of all children.

  5. Through cooperation and guidance the school, home, and community should strive to instill the moral values within each student that are necessary to develop a responsible citizen.

AES Purpose Statement: Each person affiliated with AES is a valued, needed member of the Anacoco community. Every Anacoco Indian is responsible for promoting positive learning opportunities in a BRAVE manner. This environment will enable all students to Be ready to learn, Respect others, Act responsibly, be Very positive, and Encourage others, and thus be empowered to assume responsible citizenship in our local, national, and global communities. We value achievement, respect and concern for others and encourage our students to become lifelong learners in a diverse and changing society.